Icy Shots

The weather is warming up, baseball season is underway and summer concert season is right around the corner. Time to put away the parkas and stadium blankets and break out the summer tailgating gear. Furthermore, when the temperature is warm you don’t want to be taking shots of warm liquor. Most tailgaters will place their liquor bottles in the cooler but that takes away too much room for other things. Why not take your shots out of a shot glass made of ice?

Icy Shots Billboard

As you can tell from the photo, Icy Shots are shot glasses made from ice. They are shaped just like a standard shot glass and hold about 1 and a half ounces of liquid.

Ever wanted to do a shot and then throw the shot glass down on the ground and shatter it? You wouldn’t be able to do that while tailgating with a regular glass shot glass. Broken shards of glass could cut you or someone nearby not to mention the potential popped tires from someone running over the broken glass. But with an Icy Shot, you can slam a shot and then break the shot glass without any remorse. After all, it’s just ice and will melt into water and eventually evaporate.

If you have ever used an old school ice tray, you can make ice shot glasses using the Icy Shots. Here are the five simple steps to having ice shot glasses at your next tailgate party:
1) Grab an Icy Shots mold and fill each of the four sections with water. (Try not to fill each section all the way to the top and leave about 1/8th of inch room at the top to allow the water to expand as it freezes.)
2) Place in your freezer for a few hours. (overnight would be recommended) Make sure the Icy Shots mold is placed on a level section of the freezer so as to not spill any water. This will also ensure the bottom of the glasses freeze level and will not lean in use.
3) When frozen, slide the shot glasses out of the tray and place with the other ice cubes in your freezer. Refill and freeze again for as many ice shot glasses you think you will need for your tailgate.
4) When loading up your cooler before heading out to go tailgating, place the ice shot glasses in a zipper lock plastic bag and place it in your beverage cooler with copious amount of ice.
5) Serve up ice cold shots to your guests on the hottest tailgating days. Feel free to break the ice shot glasses on the ground if you made enough.

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We were sent a sample of the Icy Shots and enjoyed them so much we plan to make them a regular addition to our cooler at future tailgating events. We also enjoyed them thoroughly to the point we have chosen to add them to Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com inventory. You can buy a single mold of Icy Shots, makes four ice shot glasses at a time, for $7.95 plus $4.95 Priority Mail shipping. Buy four and you pay half price shipping. Buy six Icy Shots and we’ll pay the shipping entirely. To get your own Icy Shots molds, visit our tailgating gear store HERE

And just for fun, here is the music video “Shots” by LMFAO featuring ‘Lil John