Booze Belly Keeps The Tailgate Party Going On The Inside

booze_belly.jpgTailgating is not only about good food, good friends and good times; tailgating is a lot more affordable than paying exorbitant concession food prices. Let’s face it, $9 for a beer inside the stadium or concert is outrageous. Most stadiums will not sell cocktails so forget about getting a Jack & Coke or a gin and tonic inside. If you want to keep boozing once you leave your tailgating space, the concessionaire pretty much has you by the short ones. Or do they? Introducing the Booze Belly. It’s a portable beverage flask you wear around your waist that holds about 32 ounces and is easily concealable.

Check out this video demonstration on how to use the Booze Belly.


UPDATE: The Booze Belly is no longer being manufactured. If or when the Booze Belly is back in product we will update you on the prospect of buying one.