Rolling with Snake Eyes Yard Dice

I credit the folks over at Snake Eyes Yard Dice for taking a chance and letting the creative juices flow.  An idea so simple, to some may be odd, but with an end result of fun.

As with previous free product samples I was a bit skeptical when Dave approached me to review the Snake Eyes Yard Dice.  I quickly reviewed the product on their website and my initial thought was that the large dice looked kind of cool but how could they possibly be any fun for an adult?  Would my friends be cracking jokes instead of having a good time?  Well it turns out I was wrong once again (ask my wife and she will tell you that I am wrong all the time!).

So what is so great about the Snake Eyes Yard Dice?  Well for starters, the game comes in a cool little carrying sack.  The sack is an instant conversation starter when you arrive at the tailgate or BBQ or outdoor party.  This was the case for me this past Saturday when I brought the game to my buddy’s house for an afternoon / evening  BBQ in his back yard. 

When you open the sack, you see six large wooden dice.  Your first question will be, “what am I supposed to do with these over-sized dice?”  That answer is simple because the Snake Eyes Yard Dice comes with a card listing the instructions / rules for 10 different games.  Note, some games are child friendly while others are best suited for an afternoon of drinking with the friends. 

On Saturday we played two of the games, “Desperate to Drink” and “Sixes.”  To no one’s surpise each of these games were drinking games.  And no worries, the instructions are simple enough that as you continue to drink you will still remember how to play the game!

A quick summary of the “Desperate to Drink” game….

  • Grab 3 – 6 people.
  • Have each person select a different number between 1 -6.
  • Each person rolls a die until his / her number appears (with a maximum of 5 rolls).
  • When you roll your number you take a drink (we added the rule that the length of the drink is 5 times your number; if your number is 5 then you would drink for 25 seconds)
  • If after 5 rolls you don’t roll your number you get to make up a rule that the other players must follow for the remainder of the game.  The two rules that we came up with were that every time a six is rolled everyone playing the game drinks a beer for 30 seconds and every time a 1 is rolled the person to your right has to take a shot!

A quick summary of the “Sixes” game…

  • Line up 6 cups and number the cups.
  • Fill each of the 6 cups with beer.
  • Grab one of the dice.
  • Roll the dice and whatever number is rolled you drink from that numbered cup.
  • You continue rolling until you roll the number of an empty cup.  You then pass the die to the next person.

As you can see there are no true winners and losers in these games.  The Snake Eyes Yard Dice games just adds entertainment to an outside event.  The games are really not much different that your typical card drinking games, but the dice bring a new fun to an event.  You are enjoying the outdoors, sharing some laughs and a good buzz with good friends, and can use your imagination to think up your own dice games.

The only down side to Snake Eyes Yard Dice is that they are not really made for the tailgating parking lot.  The wooden dice are designed for grass. not concrete.  But as an added bonus, the dice can also be used to make decisions around the house.  When my wife and I are stuck on a decision (i.e. who has to do a certain chore) we grab a die and roll.  The one who rolls the lower number is the loser (unfortunately I have been washing a lot of dinner dishes lately)!

So if you are looking for a new type of fun (or another reason to drink on the weekends) at your next outdoor party I definitely recommend checking out the Snake Eyes Yard Dice website for additional product details, game ideas, and ordering information.