Monster Pong

Spotted a potentially new tailgating game that you all might be interested in.

Full disclosure: I, or any of the writers and contributors to have not personally tested this game out. So we can not personally vouch for the craftsmanship or durability or portability of the game. With that said, it does look to be kind of cool for those looking for a new tailgating game.

Monster Pong

The game is called Monster Pong. From what I can gather from the website, Moster Pong can be played with up to six players or just two. The individual Monster Pong board has an angled playing surface, guitar pick shape and a goal recessed cup. Rather than trying to win points, players face off directly and fight to retain their starting 12 point score. I came across a video on YouTube showing how the game is played.


The cost of a Monster Pong game set which includes two (2) boards, two (2) paddles and two (2) balls for $129.95. It doesn’t say if that price includes shipping or not.

To learn more about Monster Pong go to