Cap-Trap: The Eco-Friendly Bottle Opener

beltclip.jpgEver since I did a posting about hybrid SUVs for tailgating and tips on going green while tailgating in an upcoming post, I have been seeing a lot more eco-friendly tailgating supplies. The most recent “green” tailgating supply that helps the environment are ReRack Cups made for beer pong. Now comes an environmentally friendly bottle opener called the Cap-Trap.

Simply stated, the Cap-Trap is a bottle opener that stores up to 25 popped bottle caps in a compartment that is easily opened and emptied when convenient. Instead of opening each bottle and then looking for the trash can or worse, littering it on the ground, the Cap-Trap keeps all the opened caps in one place.

Bottle openers are used worldwide to remove over 250 billion steel crown caps from bottles of beer, soda and other beverages each year. These bottle caps are then disposed, recycled or littered. Imagine if only one percent are littered. Did you know that it takes 500 years for each bottle cap to decompose? Consider this before you toss out that next bottle cap. The energy saved by recycling just 25 steel bottle caps is enough energy to power a TV for three hours.

dispose2.jpgCap-Trap Eco-Friendly Bottle Openers combine the best attributes of both hand-held bottle openers and cap-catchers into one single product. They automatically capture, collect, store and dispose the bottle caps while still providing convenience and mobility. With a capacity of 25 bottle caps, the collection chamber is easily emptied using the one-touch release button. (Click on images to view larger size.)

They can also customize your Cap-Trap bottle opener to look like almost anything you can imagine. A tiger for you LSU fans, baseball, football and basketball themed Cap-Traps along with fishing and even a Santa Claus themed version appears on their website. Make sure to check them out at and view the different styles they are working on. By being environmentally conscience with your used bottle caps helps you not only tailgate, but tailgate better.