Tailgating Supply: Ring Bottle Opener

Nothing kills the flow and fun of a tailgate party faster than a missing bottle opener. Keeping one in your pocket is a pain in the ass (literally if it’s in your back pocket and you sit on it). Do you really want a bottle opener attached to your key chain? You can’t tie one to your wrist so you never lose it. What’s a tailgater to do? What if you could never lose your bottle opener and look like a bad ass at the same time? If that’s the case, then you need a Ring Bottle Opener.

This Ring Thing was made for tailgate parties. All you do is slip the stainless steel ring onto your middle finger and catch the cap in the ring’s “cat ears”. Lift your hand and off comes the cap. (Make sure to not show anyone the palm of your hand before doing this, Einstein.) If done correctly it looks like you took off the bottle cap with your bare hands. Imagine how impressed all the tailgating babes will be when they think you are that much of a stud that you can open bottles with your bare hands. Sure beats the hell out of opening beer bottles with your teeth or trying to bang the cap off using the side of a table. Plus, by wearing the ring at your next tailgate party, you’ll never be without a bottle opener when some tailgating damsel in distress needs her Zima opened.

The Ring Thing comes in three ring sizes, 9, 11 and 14 so know your ring size or measure your finger before ordering one. As far as tailgating gadgets go these are rather affordable. At under $10, you can get the Ring Thing online at Things You Never Knew Existed.

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