Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener

Today’s product review (yes, I was compensated for the review) is a key ring bottle opener.  More specifically, the product is the Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener.

So as a reader you are probably thinking what makes this opener any different that your typical bottle opener.

From looking at the product the obvious first answer is that is looks similar (if not identical) to your standard house key.  The Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener fits right on your key chain and blends in with your other keys nicely.  As an added bonus there are also no concerns with having the opener pass through airport security (all though I am not sure if this was an original concern of yours anyway) as the opener accompanied me on a business trip to Indianapolis this past week (ha, I got to see the the place where the Eagles have no chance of going this year!).

In addition to taking the opener on a business trip I was also able to test it out at last week’s Eagles tailgate / game.  Overall the Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener tested strong, with only one minor drawback (which could even be attributed to me the user).

  • The opener was without flaw in opening our beer bottles.  From Pumpkin Ale to Blue Moon each cap came off without a hitch.
  • The opener was without flaw in starting the opening of our beer can tabs.  It saves you that annoying little pinch at the end of your finger tip when starting can tabs.
  • Oddly enough the opener also made a good “mini-knife” for cutting a hot dog roll.  Sure I had a regular knife, but why not put the opener to the full test.
  • Oddly enough (part II) was that the opener can also be used as a cigar cutter.  It doesn’t make the perfect cut, but the cut did the job and I experienced no issues with the smoking of the cigar.  Again, I had a cigar cutter, but why not put the opener to the full test.
  • Like any house key, the opener also did a good job of opening a taped box of plastic utensils (i.e., can be useful for opening any such boxes when you are too lazy to locate a pair of scissors).
  • The one drawback that I did experience is that the ease of the opener is impacted when you try to use it directly from your key chain.  In short, it becomes a bit awkward.  Sure, it still works to open bottles, just not as easily when it is removed from your key ring.

So would this tailgater recommend the Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener?


It works and since it fits right on your key ring you will always have it.  You instantly become the hero when the question of “who has a bottle opener” is asked at the most random of times (yes, we have all been there).  As an added bonus the Tiger’s Tooth Bottle Opener can also be custom designed with your own artwork and information.  If I was a sales guy I think this would be a kick-ass marketing tool to leave with your potential customers.  It’s a constant reminder of your business and word of mouth spreads easily when it is used at parties and tailgates.

If you want further information on the Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener just click on over to their website.  There you will find information on ordering the opener (single or bulk) and a demonstration video on properly using the opener.  And remember, you can’t have bottoms-up, until your have bottles open (I couldn’t resist!).