ReRack Cups: The Better Beer Pong Cup

rerack-beer-pong-cups.gif Beer pong while tailgating is fun. We know this. But what about some of the inherent hazards of beer pong like not knowing how much beer is in your opponents’ cups, tipped and spilled cups, wasted beer or the amount of garbage a game of beer pong can create? What if there was a simple way to ensure all cups were filled to the same level, reduce the amount of spills and be environmentally friendly all with one minor change? What if the change was as simple as changing the type of cups you use? Would you do it? I’m no Ed Begley, Jr., but of course you would.

I recently discovered a new company that has taken the guess work out of playing beer pong and has reduced the amount of refuse and waste a single game of beer pong can create. It’s a student run company out of Madison, Wisconsin called ReRack Cups.

You are probably asking, “So what is the big deal about ReRack Cups? Why can’t we just use regular plastic SOLO cups like we always have?”. The reason is that after the game is over all of those plastic cups are normally thrown away and they eventually make their way to the local landfill. ReRack Cups are reusable and dishwasher safe so you can play them again and again without trashing the environment. You may be a drunken beer pong player but you still can do your part to protect the earth.

rerack-dimensions.jpgAnother advantage of ReRack Cups is their wider base. A normal SOLO cup base is 2.5 inches in diameter while ReRack Cups give you nearly an extra half-inch on the base (2.9 inches in diameter). Just because the base of the cup is wider will not affect the way you play the game. You won’t have to start practicing your throws all over again because you switched cups. ReRack Cups have the same top diameter as a normal disposable cup (3.9 inches) but the wider base prevents the cups from tipping over or sliding off of the table. (Click on the image to enlarge or visit the website for a side-by-side comparison.) By using ReRack cups there will never be a pause in play for spilled beer. Less spilled beer means you save money. Yet again, less waste. And let’s be honest, wasting beer is just senseless and wrong.

Using ReRack Cups for your next game of beer pong will also ensure that the exact amount of liquid is equal in all cups. All of the cups are translucent and all contain four levels of fill lines. (The four levels are cleverly marked as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior. It safe to assume that the Freshman level is the lowest and Senior is the highest.) That way before the game starts you and your opponents can agree on the exact amount of beer each cup will be filled with. ReRack Cups take the second guessing out of the equation and you will no longer wonder if the other team really filled their cups up to the agreed upon level.

party014large.jpgReRack Cups come in a set of 22 cups; 10 red, 10 black and two water cups to wash your balls off. (Get your mind out of the gutter people.) The two different colors help differentiate teams on either side of the beer pong table and gives each team an “identity”. Since ReRack Cups is a student run company founded in Madison, Wisconsin, you would imagine that University of Wisconsin themed cups are available. (Why am I not surprised that students from Wisconsin found a way to improve on beer pong?) Not a fan of the Wisconsin Badgers? No problem. You can still order ReRack Cups with their company logo on one side and the fill lines on the other.

Lastly, ReRack Cups can also double as your cups for a game of Flip Cup. Flippy Cup is a game where the amount of liquid inside the cups can be the difference between winning and losing. With ReRack’s fill lines and translucence, everyone will have the same amount of liquid in their cup. Not to mention that the cups flip very well.

A set of ReRack Cups will run you less than $20 and they even offer free shipping to the Wisconsin-Madison campus. Payments accepted via PayPal so you know your transaction is safe and secure. Check out ReRack Cups today and play a more fair and less wasteful game of beer pong at your next tailgate party.