Bottle Cap Caddy

One of the things I hear the most while out tailgating, whether it be from someone within my party or a tailgating neighbor, is, “do you have a bottle opener?”. A bottle opener is a tailgating essential. The problem with regular bottle openers is they are small and someone usually puts it in their pocket or puts it down somewhere that is not where they found it. You spend more time searching for the bottle opener than you would enjoying your beer. Now comes along the Bottle Cap Caddy. Not only does the Bottle Cap Caddy mount to your cooler or any other surface, it also is environmentally friendly in that it catches the cap in a rubber container.

Bottle Cap Caddy

I have my own Bottle Cap Caddy and have made it a part of my regular tailgating kit. I have chosen to install the Bottle Cap Caddy on the underside of my beverage cooler lid. That way the sides stay smooth and I can pack other items right next to the cooler without fear of the Bottle Cap Caddy scratching or gouging my other tailgating gear. Plus, when you go into the cooler and grab a bottle, the Bottle Cap Caddy is vertical and ready to use.


The other thing I really enjoy about the Bottle Cap Caddy is the rubber receptacle that catches the caps. No one wants to have bottle caps littering up their tailgating space and the Bottle Cap Caddy grabs them all. It is easy to lift off the stainless steel opener and when full, just dump in the trash or recycle them. When the tailgate party is over, take the rubber catch container off, pop it into the dishwasher and you are ready to go for the next time out.

I like the Bottle Cap Caddy so much that we are offering it for sale on our online tailgating store, A single Bottle Cap Caddy is $9.99 plus $3 flat rate shipping. Each Bottle Cap Caddy comes with the stainless steel bottle opener, two stainless steel screws, the double sided tape on the back of the opener and the EPDM rubber holder that catches the caps. Getting a Bottle Cap Caddy means never having to ask, “who has the bottle opener?”.

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