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While tailgating, there are a few methods to identify which beverage is yours. Some people turn the opener tab to the side to indicate that it is theirs. Some people will push in a dent behind the back of the can to mark their territory. Others will search for that one of a kind koozie (**cough** Shark Koozie **cough**) to make it know that that can is only theirs.

We recently came across a new product called the Can Stamp. Simply put, the Can Stamp is an easy and handy solution to properly identifying your beverage can. The Can Stamp is a key chain with raised letters that imprints a word or words into the curved upper section of the beverage can you plan to consume. You simply press and rock it along the “shoulder” of the can to get a visible imprint that makes it unmistakeably your can. Take a look at their video on how to make a nice, clean stamp in a single motion.

YouTube video

As you can see in the video, a smooth rocking motion produces a nice, clean stamp. We were sent a sample of the Can Stamp and tried it out for ourselves to see how well it works. We have a side by side comparison of a Diet Coke can we stamped ourselves with little practice next to a can the folks at Can Stamp did with assumed much more practice and experience.

Diet coke properly stamped
Can Stamp done by Can Stamp people
Diet Coke amatuer stamp
Can Stamp done by Tailgating Ideas

As you can see, we need a little more practice to get the stamp just right.

In our experience, we found that you do not have to press so hard in order to get a good stamp. Subsequent stamps we made on other cans turned out much better and after a few attempts, we started to get the feel for how much pressure to place on the stamp.

The fact that the Can Stamp is also a key chain means that whenever you go to a tailgate party, you will always be able to quickly and easily identify your canned beverage. No matter if you drove to the tailgate party or not, you will always have your keys. How else are you going to get into your dorm room? – unless your roommate hung a neck tie on the door and then you are on your own.

The Can Stamp comes in a variety of stamped sayings including, MINE, IN USE, FUEL, DRUNK and 1 MORE.

Unfortunately at this time they do not make custom messages for the Can Stamp. The tooling and the molds would cost too much for custom orders. They will make custom stamps for really large orders. We are talking huge orders of a massive bulk size number of Can Stamps. Think Fortune 500 company sized big, huge bulk sized order. For all the guys in your frat house? Not so much.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Can Stamp and for the price, durability, uniqueness, ingenuity and portability, the Can Stamp is definitely “Tailgate Approved”.

The Can Stamp runs $7.95 per stamp plus $2.99 for shipping. Order as many or few as you like and the $2.99 covers shipping and handling for the entire order to any destination in the continental USA by way of the U.S. Postal Service.

For more information on the Can Stamp, visit: You can also like them on Facebook