Build-a-Beer Bong

Build-a-bong Featured
It’s prime tailgating season and you forgot to get one of the most essential tools to open the season – a beer bong. Shame on you.

But gone are the days of stopping by the home improvement store, buying a funnel and tubing and hitting the parking lot. You want a beer bong that reflects your spirit, passion and support of your team, student group, fraternity/sorority, etc. That’s why we have recently added the Build-A-Beer Bong to our online tailgating gear store.

The concept is simple. You choose a funnel color. You choose a tube color. Buy it. Boom! You’re done.

Funnel colors: Red – Blue – Purple – Pink – Yellow/Green – White

Tube colors: Red – Purple – Black – Green

The Build-A-Beer Bong funnels are $8 and the tubes are $3 for a total of $11 for each beer bong you build. $6 flat rate shipping on complete beer bong purchases that include funnel and tube.

To build your own Build-A-Beer Bong, visit our online tailgating gear store,