5 epic beer bong fails

Double Beer Bong Girls We all love tailgating. Why else would you be reading this? Tailgating involves beers, friends, food and fun. What more could you ask for? How about throwing a beer bong into the mix?

Downing a beer every now and then is fun and is a sure way of getting the party going, but sometimes people can fail at something as simple as opening their mouth and letting gravity take over. We recently asked Beer Bong Bros to share with us some beer bong fails. This is what they came up with.

Beer Bong Car

Beer Bong and Drive

We don’t need to tell you to not drink and drive; we are pretty sure you figured that one out by yourself. The above chick has decided to take it to the extreme and whipped out her beer bong before driving. Either that or she sneaks outside to use one so her friends don’t find out.

Beer Bong Foam Blow
In Your Bro’s Face

As you all know, a beer bong works best when you let gravity do the work. If you and gravity have a falling out then by all means suck the beer out. But whatever you do, don’t blow. Your friend will not thank you for it.

Beer Bong Face

Flowing too Fast

The main reason beer bongs fail is due to how fast your beer shoots out. Some beer bongs can be purchased with on/off valves to help prevent this, but old school beer bongs don’t. Remember to gulp fast and never break the seal between your mouth and the hose. The dude in the background is obviously calling his friend to tell him about the epic beer bong fail he has just witnessed.

Bewer Bong spill head
One Job, Bro!

A beer bong is usually a two man job. Usually, one person drinks the beer and the other person holds the beer bong. Simple. All your friend has to do is hold the beer bong higher than the tubing so that the beer can flow down. If however, for some reason your friend cannot hold the beer bong correctly, the following occurs.

Beer Bong Facial

Take it all in the Face

The guy above obviously just wanted a shower so badly that he took all the beer in the face. His beer literally flies everywhere; I am surprised if he managed to get any in his mouth. This probably happened due to the thickness of his beer bong tubing. Luckily for him his friend had his phone at the ready to record it.