Head Be Gone Beer Defoamer – When You Just Can’t Wait

Head on your beer can be a good thing. Like on top of a pint of Guinness Stout. Head and foam build-up in your beer bong, not so good.

I thought the only way to kill the foam on top of your beer bong was to swipe your finger across your nose or forehead and then stir it around in the foam to kill it off. Kind of gross and rather unsanitary if you ask me. So with that in mind, I recently discovered a product, Head Be Gone, that kills the foam on a beer bong without having to use your nasty nose grease. Check out the video.


I was sent a sample bottle of Head Be Gone so of course I tried it out. I tried it out using my Flabongo. I sprayed the inside of the Flabongo with three sprays as directed. When I poured the beer into it, it was a “hard pour”, if you know what I mean. I turned the can upside down to try to generate a lot of foam. True to form, the Head be Gone worked like a charm and there was no foam.

Despite killing the foam on the initial pour, the product does not take out all the carbonation. When I bonged the beer I could tell there still was carbonation in the beer and it was very apparent afterwards because I had one of those “post beer bong” loud burps. (Yes, I am sure too much information but it was all done in the name of science.)

Two or three sprays should kill the foam for about four or five beer bongs before having to reapply. Right now the Head Be Gone comes in one size, a 1 oz. spray bottle, but you would have to be a serious beer bong fanatic to burn through that in a hurry. You can buy a bottle online for less than $5.

If you are tired of wiping your nose and stirring it around in your beer bong, you should try Head Be Gone.