Bottle Beer Bong

Hot girl bikini top holding the Bottle Beer Bong

Sometimes you just have to finish your beer in the fastest means possible. Whether it is you are packing up and heading into the game or concert or your tailgating neighbor is boasting about how fast he can chug his beer, sometimes you just need to pound your beer.

With a canned beer, there are numerous options to drink it quickly. The Shotgun Champ or even the Shotgun Party Opener are good options to possibly hurting yourself when using a knife, keys, screwdriver or ballpoint pen to make a hole on the side of your beer can. But what if you are drinking bottles? There is no easy solution to chugging a beer out of a bottle other than the old fashioned way.

We just discovered the Bottle Beer Bong. Take a look at our demo video trying it out and showing you how to use it.

YouTube video

The science behind the Bottle Beer Bong is simple. The ventilation tube replaces the liquid inside the bottle to allow for an easy flow of the beer. An easier flow of beer means it flows faster and thus replicates a normal funnel and tube beer bong.

Bottle Beer Bong RetailThe best part of the Bottle Beer Bong is it is small and compact enough to put it in your pocket and bring it to any party. When the time is right to break it out, pop it on your bottle and chug your beer. That’s a lot easier than dragging a full size funnel and hose to the party.

The Bottle Beer Bong is priced at $5.00 plus $5.00 for postage and packaging. If you buy two, we’ll waive the additional postage and only charge you the postage as if you had purchased a single Bottle Beer Bong.

The Bottle Beer Bong is available for purchase through our online tailgating gear store, or to go directly to the Bottle Beer Bong product page, click HERE.