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One of the things you can never have too much of while out tailgating is water. And because of their portability, those 500 ml bottles of water are everywhere in the tailgating parking lots. But we all know bottled water can be expensive and with the amount of water people consume while tailgating, the price tag on water alone can get pretty pricey.

Most people like the taste of bottled water that comes in those three gallon or five gallon bottles but dispensing water from those larger sized bottles can be a hassle. The traditional dispensers are not terribly portable and are better suited to remain stationary. We recently discovered two different products made by Primo Water that allow you to dispense water from a three or five gallon water bottle while out tailgating. We tested out the Spout and Stand Kit while tailgating before the Angels game last weekend.

As you can see in the photos, we tested out the Primo Water Spout and Stand Kit. The assembly of the stand took two minutes and was very easy to understand. Once we got our three gallon bottle of water, it was as easy as putting on the top, placing the spout on the top of the bottle, turning the bottle over and placing it on the stand. Push the lever on the spout and we had fresh bottled water available for all the people at our tailgate party. All you need to do is place a cup underneath and fill up. It was great too in that we had a number of kids tailgating with us. Instead of having them grab a small bottle water from the cooler and having an adult open it because the plastic twist off cap might be a bit too hard for them, they were able to serve themselves.

Another aspect I liked about the Primo Water Spout and Stand Kit was the less waste we produced. The trash bag was smaller than normal at the end of the day when it was time to pack up and head into the game. Let’s face it, everyone likes to think that they can recycle plastic bottles of water but when it comes right down to it while out tailgating, most people just throw away the empty bottles with the rest of the trash. So by using the Spout and Stand Kit, we were able to spare our local landfill from 20 or 30 bottles.

One of the really cool things about this water dispensing system is the amount of money you can save for future tailgating events. Once the game is over and you have some water left over, simply cap the top and break it out for the next game. And once the entire bottle is empty, you could refill it with water from home. We all know water from your faucet or if you prefer filtered water from your refrigerator is a whole lot less expensive than buying bottled water no matter what size bottles you choose. All you need to do is buy the kit and a large bottle of water one time and then refill it anytime you take it out tailgating.

Something that just dawned on me would be to refill the three or five gallon bottles with other drinks other than water. Mix up a big batch of jungle juice, refill the bottle using a pitcher and a funnel and your tailgate party guests can help themselves. Much better than the traditional punch bowl sitting out on a table and attracting flies.

After a thorough test and review while in a real tailgating parking lot we will definitely label the Primo Water Spout and Stand Kit “Tailgate Approved’.

Primo Water Dispensers come in two different styles that would appeal to tailgaters. The Spout and Stand Kit is priced at $26.99. If you like the other style, the Primo Water Pump is $15.99.

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