The Indispensible College Football TV Schedule Link

Getting ready to head out to a college football tailgate, but not quite sure which games are on?  Over the last several years I’ve found this link to be unbelievably useful.

The link can be found at:

Normally a website wouldn’t be worthy of an article, but in this case the link is so useful and so directly to the point it’s worth the proverbial tip of the tailgating cap.

It stands to reason the link would come from LSU where they take their tailgating very seriously, but what makes this site so good?  The schedule not only updates regularly, but the webmaster provides some very nice touches in the form of printable schedules for Direct TV owners.

While I’m a Dish Network guy (read details here), it’s still a great option to have.  The site isn’t particularly fancy, but the devil is in the details and this site nails down the times, networks and channels without fail.

You can best use the site by taking action before you leave the house.  On game day print out the sheet before you leave.  the house.  Then when you arrive, get the TV up and running  at the tailgate and hand the remote control as well as the list of the games that day to one of your buddies.  With that you’ll definitely get the tailgating day off on the right foot.

As we move into October, where the kickoff times for most of the FBS Division-I games are still up in the air due to TV’s heavy influence, I’ve found this link to be more timely and consistently reliable than many conference sites.

So take a look around, print out the sheet on your way out the door today and enjoy your college football tailgate.

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