Over the years we have done a number of posts regarding “bottle confusion”. That’s mistaking some other bottle or can as your own and taking a drink out of it. These mistakes can be a small one and you just happen to drink someone’s beer that is slightly warmer than yours. A big mistake would be taking a swig out of a bottle a chewing tobacco user was using as a spit receptacle. Now you can add BeerTag to the list of those beer bottle identifiers vying for a place in the tailgating parking lot.

Beer Tags

Many tailgaters will either peel off a label, make a notch in it or somehow alter the bottle’s appearance to make it stand out among the other beer bottles of the same brand at the tailgate party. The folks at BeerTAG have come up with sports themed wrappers that go over the neck of the beer bottle. Normally there is a foil wrapper around the neck of long neck beers and BeerTAGs slip right over those. And the best part is that you can use BeerTAGs for free. That’s right. Free.

BeerTAG has an area where you can download a PDF file of all different sports themes including NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball. Keep in mind these are not officially licensed by the teams however BeerTAGs use the team colors, a popular player’s name and their corresponding number on the tag. There are just a few steps to follow and soon you have a new way to identify your beer from a table full of similar beer bottles.

1) Download the PDF file of your sport and team preference. Using a color printer, print the file without resizing it or altering it. The size of the tags are specifically a certain size in order to fit properly on the neck of a beer bottle. (They suggest you use card stock weight paper that you can buy at any office supply store.)

2) Using double-sided tape, place a small piece on top of the left end of the BeerTAG.

3) Cut out the BeerTAG around the edges.

4) Assemble the BeerTAG by holding the tag at both ends. Simply wrap it around the neck of the bottle until the end tabs touch and press firmly so the tape sticks. Now your beer bottle has its own ID.

For more information on the BeerTAG or to see which teams and players are represented, visit: