Tower Pong

Tower Pong

What if beer pong and quarters had a baby? You would get Tower Pong, a new tailgating game that can be played as a drinking game or up to 21 points.

Tower Pong

As you can see in the photos, Tower Pong is a plastic tray that sits on top of a bottle. Insert the included shot glass sized plastic cups and start playing with the provided ping pong balls. Combining the shooting action of bouncing a pong ball like in a beer pong with the game play of speed quarters, Tower Pong is a new twist on both games. Tower Pong will fit over any beer, wine, water or liquor bottle. As long as the bottle has a little bit of a neck, Tower Pong will fit on it.

Check out the rules and game play of Tower Pong from this instructional video.

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Tower Pong
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(Disclaimer: We received a sample of Tower Pong free of charge. The fact this sample was provided to us for free in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

We took Tower Pong to a recent San Diego Chargers tailgate party to test it out. Because Qualcomm Stadium has a strict “No Glass Policy”, we chose to place the Tower Pong game over a plastic water bottle rather than a beer bottle. (Had glass been allowed in the parking lot, we would have totally used a beer bottle.)

As you can see, Tower Pong is perfectly at home in a tailgating parking lot. Just place a bottle on your tailgating table, slip the Tower Pong tray over the neck and you have a brand new tailgating game. We even had some tailgating neighbors ask about it and asked if they could play. Nothing like a new game in the parking lot to help you make tailgating friends.

After taking Tower Pong tailgating, it is definitely “Tailgate “Approved”. Just make sure the parking lot in which you tailgate does not have a glass ban and make appropriate changes in order to not get a ticket. Tower Pong is light weight, small and packs easily into any tailgating kit. Easy to set up and simple to pack up and put away.

Tower Pong retails for $14.99 and is available for purchase at Amazon.