BrewzKey Bottle Opener

Have you ever come across a tailgating product that is so simple yet so genius that you say to yourself, “Man, why didn’t I think of that?”. Get ready to say it again because here comes the Brewzkey. A bottle opener that is shaped like your house key yet gives you quick and easy access to you favorite bottled beverage.


The Brewzkey is made from a single piece of solid stainless steel with a super-polished finish. The Brewzkey is about as thick as a nickel and is quite rugged. The fact that you can put it on your key ring means you never have to worry about where you put your bottle opener. You always have your keys with you when tailgating not matter if you drove or kept them with you to get in the door at home later. Because it blends in with the rest of your keys you won’t even know that it is there until you need it. Take a look at this demo video of the Brewzkey to see how it works exactly like bigger and bulkier bottle openers.


The genesis of the Brewzkey was actually conceptualized on a golf course where four guys were drinking imports but there was no bottle opener in sight. The founder of the company that eventually started making the Brewzkey ended up improvising and was able to use his house key to open up the beers. It was then that the “Ah-Ha!” moment occurred and they all knew there had to be a better way. Instead of carrying around one of those bulky bottle openers that attaches to your key chain, why not have the bottle opener blend in with the rest of your keys? And the Brewzkey was born.

Here are some more photos on how it fits right onto your key ring.


For more information on the Brewzkey, visit their official website To get your own Brewzkey for $3.50 each you’ll find them on