Baylor Football Just Got Better…. For Tailgaters

No, Baylor didn’t just land the hottest football recruiting class in the country. They did, however,  just make a whole lot of tailgaters happy by opening a new tailgating section. Apparently the folks at Baylor University got the memo. That memo outlines that in order to attract fans to watch a football team that has won a combined 11 games in the past three seasons is to make the tailgating experience more enjoyable.

Baylor recently opened up the “Stadium Tailgating” section located outside of the south end zone. For $150 tailgaters get a 30′ x 30′ parking space that includes FREE cable hookup, FREE electric hookup and a parking pass for one vehicle. As a bonus for the 2009 season, tailgaters that reserve a season long tailgating spot will receive a FREE 10′ x 10′ Baylor Pop-Up Tent. By the way, that $150 is not per game, it for the entire season. Baylor has six home games in 2009 so that averages out to $25 per game. That’s really a good deal considering a spot within the Stadium Tailgating section is $30 for a single game and spots are not guaranteed. Also, the “Stadium Tailgating” section is not off in some remote area of the parking lot where you have to hike four miles to get to the stadium. It is right by the South End Zone. Take a look at the parking map.

The real allure for me would be the free electric and free cable hookups so you don’t have to bring a generator or a portable satellite dish. Because Baylor is a private Baptist university, don’t expect to be able to tune in any Skinemax channels while mooching off their cable. For those tailgaters that are looking for a little “eye candy, did you notice the close proximity the “Stadium Tailgating” section is compared to the “Student Tailgating” section? I am sure you will be able to find a handful of sorority girls and college co-eds wandering through that area. Oh, and you’re welcome.

From where I am standing this looks like a win-win for the tailgaters. Unless these areas will have time or alcohol limitations placed on them I can’t find anything wrong with this. It’s too bad the NFL can’t wake up and start treating its tailgaters like universities treat theirs.

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