College Football 2015: Best Remaining Games to Tailgate

It’s hard to believe that the college football season is already half over. It’s been a wild ride so far. But that’s nothing compared to the slate of games coming your way over the next few weeks. We hope you’ve got plenty of tailgating energy left, because with these monster match-ups, you’re going to need it. Also, if you were thinking about making a road trip to partake in some of the wildest tailgating festivities College Football has to offer, make sure you hit one of these games.

(Rankings based on the AP Top 25 Poll released on October 18, 2015.)

October 31 – #13 Florida/Georgia
Even though Georgia hasn’t been as good as expected this year, with this game annually played annually in Jacksonville, the stadioum is equal distance from both campuses. They don’t call it “The World’s Largest outdoor Cocktail Party” for nothing. You know what that means: insane parking lot tailgates. Even if you’re not a Florida or Georgia fan, Everbank Field in Jacksonville has a pool. Yes, you heard right. A pool. Add this game to your tailgating bucket list.


November 7 – #9 Florida State at #6 Clemson
This game could ultimately determine ACC supremacy between these two unbeaten squads. Plus, you know those South Carolinians know how to tailgate.


November 7 – #23 Duke at UNC
No, this isn’t a basketball match-up. With Duke fielding a solid football team this year, you know those Tar Heel fans are going to be chomping at the bit to knock their hated rivals off their high horse. This tailgate will 100% get out of hand and that’s a good thing.


November 7 – #5 LSU at #8 Alabama
Obviously those Alabama fans know how to have a crazy tailgate, but with both teams in the top 10 and Alabama already having one loss, this game could decide who from the SEC makes the playoff. This Alabama-style tailgate will definitely be one to remember. Plus, LSU fans has a reputation when it comes to tailgating and you know Tide fans want to make a good impression on the visiting fans.


November 14 – #18 Memphis at #21 Houston
Surprisingly, both of these football teams are having great years. The winner will most likely vault into the top 15, so you know those Texans are going to be going nuts at the game. Plus, Houston always has great weather and BBQ, so there’s no going wrong at this tailgate.


November 21 – #2 Baylor at #14 Oklahoma State
There’s nothing like a huge Big 12 showdown in Stillwater. Oklahoma State fans are already salivating at the thought of knocking off a perennial National Championship contender. Keep your eye out for the massive tailgate before this game.


November 27 – #2 Baylor at #4 TCU
Baylor again? Well, the fact that this game is on a Friday night on ESPN, the TCU fans will undoubtedly go balls to the wall for this game with a chance at the #1 spot. As I said before, those Texans know how to throw a good tailgate, and this could be the best one of the year.


November 28 – #17 Oklahoma #14 Oklahoma State
This is, of course, one of the biggest rivalries in College Football. They call this rivalry “bedlam” for a reason. Bragging rights in the Bedlam Series at stake. Plus, with both of these teams in a similar position, the winner will get a HUGE advantage in securing a premier bowl bid. If you’re going to make a road trip to any one of these games for the tailgate, make sure it’s this one.


November 28 – #1 Ohio State at #15 Michigan
This could be one of the greatest tailgates of the year. These teams’ fans HATE each other. And with Michigan coming off a heartbreaking loss to Michigan State, they need to win a game of this magnitude to remain in the hunt for a premier bowl bid. There’s nothing like a tailgate and huge game at The Big House. Make sure to bring plenty of warm clothes and hot drinks – it’s going to be freezing in Ann Arbor in late November.


November 28 – #9 Florida State at #13 Florida
You gotta love the battle for Florida. Especially when both teams are good enough to win the National Championship. If I had to pick a game to go to, it’d probably be this one. Why? The weather will be warm, the tailgate will be ridiculous, and this matchup always ends up being one of the best games of the college football season.

What games did we miss that you’d want to tailgate at? Which one of these games are you dying to go to?