Proposed NFL Stadium in Los Angeles Could Be Tailgating Nirvana

la_stadium.jpg Alright, stop me if you have heard this one before. There is yet another football stadium project rumored to try and lure an NFL franchise to Los Angeles. After checking out the official website, in comparison to the others that have been proposed, Hollywood Park, The Rose Bowl, renovating The Coliseum, the Los Angeles Stadium project proposed by real estate billionaire Ed Roski seems quite possible. The main hurdles of building a brand new stadium have been addressed in that an environmental study has been done along with The City of Industry, the location of the proposed stadium, is willing to get behind the project to the tune of over $800 million. Now all Roski needs is an NFL team to move to L.A. to become the tenant. The NFL is not interested in expanding beyond the current 32 franchises so that means an existing team would need to move.

Take a look at the video concept they put together. Kind of has a EA Sports/XBox 360/PS3 feel to it.


Southland tailgaters should be salivating more over this proposed project more than they would over a rack of slow-cooked ribs . The opportunity to potentially suggest what amenities should be included in the parking areas in and around the stadium is huge. The stadium has proposed 25,000 parking spaces. (For comparison, Qualcomm Stadium has 18,500 parking spaces.) Those parking areas should include amenities that appeal to tailgaters.

If I were to design the stadium parking lot, I would make the following suggestions

  • Make all 25,000 parking spaces open air parking. Please, no multilevel parking structures. I understand that parking spaces to a developer are parking spaces no matter what the layout. To a tailgater, parking structures do not work well. Grilling on a lower level when there is essentially a “roof” over your head does not make for good tailgating. The combination of lack of air flow within parking structures and the poor air quality produced from vehicle exhaust and tailgating grills would make for a miserable tailgating experience.
  • Construct permanent restrooms with running water on the perimeter of the parking lot. Portable toilets should also be available on game days to handle the overflow of tailgaters needing to answer nature’s call.
  • Build on-site recycling centers to collect aluminium cans, glass bottles and plastic containers. There should be two recycling depots on opposite ends of the parking lot to encourage fans to be more environmentally conscience. These recycling collection centers should offer cash payouts on the spot in order to encourage more fans to recycle aluminium cans and glass bottles when tailgating.
  • Erect at least one if not two cell phone towers on the property in anticipation of the large increase in cell phone usage. Getting cell service at the stadium is hit and miss at some stadiums because tailgaters use their cell phones quite a bit. Whether it is to communicate with a friend who needs to find your tailgate party or to call out to check up on the babysitter, cell phone usage in the tailgating parking lot needs its own dedicated tower. While we are at it, why not offer free Wi-Fi for those that want to check their fantasy football teams stats while tailgating?
  • Offer season ticket holders and loyal tailgaters the opportunity to buy a reserved parking spot. I am not suggested a reserved section. I am suggesting a reserved parking spot within the reserved section. Let’s face it, most tailgaters like to tailgate with their friends and not everyone can ride in the same vehicle. By giving tailgaters an opportunity to park in the exact same numbered space for every game will enhance the tailgating experience. That way a tailgating club or a group of friends would not have to caravan to the games or place folding chairs in empty spaces to essentially “save” parking spots for tailgaters arriving later. (Actually I think all NFL stadiums should enact this type of parking.)
  • Strategically place fireproof charcoal receptacles throughout the parking lots to ensure safe disposal of hot coals. All stadiums that allow charcoal grills should have these. As a new stadium, these types of containers should be easy to find and easy to use.

If this stadium becomes a reality, Ed Roski and his development team could become the champion of tailgating if they follow my suggestions. If you could make a few suggestions to improve the tailgating experience at Los Angeles Stadium, what would they be? Feel free to comment below. We’ll submit them to Mr. Roski for future consideration.