VuQube Brings Satellite TV To Any Tailgate Party

vuQube portable satelite systemIf you are a longtime reader of this website you may recall my post Satellite TV and the Tailgate Party from back in September of 2007. It’s basically a step-by-step guide on how to set up and watch satellite TV while tailgating. I recently discovered a product called the VuQube that now makes that post almost obsolete. The VuQube is so small, portable and easy to set up that there should be no reason to ever miss the other games while you are waiting for yours to start. Check out this 68 second video to get an idea of what VuQube is all about.


The main benefit of the VuQube is the simple set up of the satellite dish contained within. It eliminates the need to carry a level, tripod, dish and signal meter. The VuQube remote control does it all with a 50-ft to 100-ft range that allows for simple one person set-up. The VuQube can reduce signal acquisition times to 5 – 10 minutes compared to traditional satellite dish systems. And the kicker is that it is compatible with your DirecTV, Dish Network, Bell Expressvu components and receives free-to-air satellite providers as well. Just grab your VuQube, your signal receiver/DVR, flat screen, a steady electrical source (like a Honda generator) and you are watching ESPN or College Gameday in no time flat.

Here’s a great instructional video on how easy it is to set-up and begin watching satellite TV using the VuQube while tailgating.


The major benefits of the VuQube include:

  • Ultra-portable and lightweight with a built in ergonomic handle
  • Simple one person set-up
  • Dynamic dish leveling allows the VuQube to be set on uneven surfaces
  • No assembly or tear down
  • Remote control dish positioning to acquire signal
  • Self-leveling, self-contained and weather-resistant
  • Eliminates need to carry a level, tripod, dish & signal meter
  • “Fastfind” RF remote with 50-ft to 100-ft range allows for simple 1-person set up & can reduce signal acquisition times to 5 – 10 min compared to traditional satellite dish system
  • Resistant to signal loss due to high winds or rain
  • Compatible with DirecTV, Dish Network, Bell Expressvu & free-to-air satellite providers

Get your VuQube Flex Portable Satellite System from Camping World and experience satellite TV without boundaries.