Screw Me? Screw You!

I’ve been doing a lot of business travel lately.  More business travel means more free time to ponder and generate thoughts as you are flying all over the country.

My recent thoughts (and based on the various Internet articles already on the topic I am definitely not the first to think it) focused on beer.  Yes, not a huge shocker!  Specifically the beer thoughts were on screw-off tops and pry-off tops.  What is the difference and are there any benefits or downsides with either option?

To allow you to not have to spend such thinking on such a thought I thought (say that 5 times fast!) I would share my research finds…

Pry-off capping equipment is a bit cheaper than the twist-off equipment.  When you are a small brewing company (and there are a lot of them these days) such a cost savings is huge and is why you usually only see the larger market beers (Coors, Miller, etc…) offering the twist-off caps.  And as drinkers of beers, the cheaper it is to make, the cheaper it is to buy!

Pry-off caps provide a better seal against oxygen.  Thought the experts believe that the benefit is minimal, if any.  But anything that leads to a tastier beer is a bonus to this beer drinker!

– Pry-off caps can be reused for homebrewing.  But honestly, with the liquor store around the corner, how many of us are spending the time to brew our own beers?  If you are, well I am very jealous that you aren’t as lazy as this guy!

– Twist-off caps allow you to open a beer at anytime and anywhere.  Though with so many everyday products (rings, key chains, watches, coolers) now having built-in bottle openers is it really that difficult to get immediate access to a bottle opener…probably not.

– Perception and by that I mean perceived manliness.  To me the pry-off caps just seem more manly than a twist-off cap.  I am man, I must pry off my beer cap.  Save the twist-offs for the little-boy soda!

As you can see the differences are slight and the benefits pretty much minimal.

Pry-offs or twist-offs, somebody please just grab me a beer!  Bottoms-up!

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