Hi-Tops Featured Tailgating games and alcohol consumption. They go hand in hand. Beer pong is a no brainer because it has beer in the game’s name. Polish Horseshoes it is a requirement of the game to have a can or bottle in one hand while playing. Even other games like washers, ladder toss and cornhole most tailgaters integrate beverage consumption into game play because, well, it’s tailgating for crying out loud. We recently discovered a new tailgating game that not only encourages beverage consumption but it part of how the game is played. It is called Hi-Tops.

Hi-Tops is a new tailgating game that combines elements of other popular tailgating games like cornhole and beer pong but puts a new twist on it to make it a fun and unique tailgating game. Hi-Tops was invented by two recent University of Central Florida graduates. They came up with the concept of hi-Tops when they were on a road trip, talking about the tailgating and drinking games that are available on the market now. Both agreed there just wasn’t really anything that satisfied everything they would like to see in a game that was also easy and convenient to play while tailgating. Upon further discussion, a number of prototypes and now a final concept, they launched Hi-Tops two months ago. Take a look at their video of Hi-Tops being played.

YouTube video

Upon learning about Hi-Tops we knew we needed to be the first ones to test out this new game. We requested a sample from the folks at Hi-Tops and they were generous enough to send us a sample game set in time to take tailgating before the San Diego Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts Monday Night Football game. (Disclaimer: We did receive a sample of Hi-Tops for free. The fact this sample was provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

As you can see in the video and the photos, Hi-Tops consists of two towers spaced about 63 inches apart. There is a base to hold it steady and there is a top “table” that has a hole in the middle. Placed around the column is a tray that has seven holes to place plastic or paper cup shot glass sized cups. Hi-Tops also comes with two “footbags” that are thrown at the opposing column. (We used the term Footbag because we don’t want to get a nasty cease and desist letter from the attorneys representing the trademarked footbag that rhymes with “Jackey Back”.) Take a look at the official rule for a better understanding of how the game is played.

Hi-Tops Official Rules

After reading the rules you can see it integrates elements of cornhole by making the thrown object into the hole. The cool thing is that retrieval is easy because it drops all the way down to the opening in the column. The aspect of beer pong is that drinking is involved and there is the removal of cups. We would suggest filling the cups down below with beer and not liquor because the game does move quickly and if one team is doing six shots of liquor if they lose, that could make for a messy tailgate afterwards. (Click on images for larger view)

As you can see from the photos above, we took Hi-Tops tailgating with us before an NFL football game. We set it up on a hard surface and got to playing. The game does come with large spikes to anchor the base into a softer surface like grass. We couldn’t use the spikes in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot so when the wind picked up, the towers would sway a little. Neither one of the towers ever fell over from the wind and we were getting gusts in the 15-20 MPH range. I would suggest if you plan on taking Hi-Tops tailgating on a hard surface to bring along some hand weights and place them on the bases. (Your wife is probably just letting those weights collect dust in the closet after attend just one Pilates class so you might as well put them to good use.)

The set up of the Hi-Tops game towers took literally seconds and we were up and running and playing our first game in less than two minutes. It took us longer to read the rules than it did to set the game up which was a nice change because we tailgaters value our time in the parking lot. Break down before heading into the game was just as easy and everything fit nicely into the included carrying case.

Dropshot Carrying Bag
Hi-Tops Carrying Bag

The game was fun and exciting. Not too hard but not too easy either. Plus you have to drink as part of the game and who can argue with that? The fun and the fact that this is a brand new game and will help make your tailgate party stand out and be unique, Hi-Tops get the Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp.

Hi-Tops comes in a multitude of color options including Black and Gold, Orange and Blue, Garnet and Gold, Black and Blue, Orange and Gold and Garnet and Blue. This way you can support your favorite team even with your game towers.

Hi-Tops is priced at $129.99 and that includes two official Hi-Tops Towers, two official Hi-Tops Playing Balls (foot bags), six stakes and one package of Hi-Tops playing cups. For a very limited time, Hi-Tops is offering with the purchase of at least one game set a free carrying case which they say is a $15 value.

For more information or to buy a Hi-Tops game set of your own, visit: playhitops.com