WordLock – Locks Up Tailgating Gear With Words Not Numbers

How many numbers have you committed to memory? Your Social Security Number, your Driver’s License, home phone number, Bank ATM PIN, wife’s cell phone number, kid’s birthday, your wedding anniversary. The list goes on and on. By the time it comes to remembering the combination of numbers on your padlock you may as well bring a pair of bolt cutters tailgating.

That’s why WordLock has come up with a family of combination locks that allow you to set their combination using words instead of numbers. Depending on the type of lock you choose, you set the combination using four or five lettered words. And before you start letting your mind run wild, they have conveniently left out a few key letters so these locks can be used on a school locker too. Even though there is an F but no U to go with it, there are still thousands of word combinations you can create, save and remember quite easily. If you just need to padlock a few things that will remain outside your vehicle after you head into the game, WordLock looks to be the easiest way to lock it up after tailgating.