Who Needs A Spork When You Have A Knork?

It was just a matter of time before the good old fashioned spork was not good enough. Someone has gone ahead and created The Knork. You guessed it, it is a fork and knife combo with one edge of the fork able to cut through food. Inventor Mike Miller of Wichita, Kansas thought of the idea while eating pizza. (Um Mike, last time I checked, most people eat pizza with one hand.) Miller wanted to combine the fork and the knife into one and came up with the knork. The result looks like a traditional fork but has beveled, rounded edges that work as a knife when using a rocking motion over food. Just another option for you the tailgater to help reduce the amount of gear you have to bring to the parking lot. A four-pack set of stainless steel Knorks costs less than $20, and a 24-pack of disposable plastic knorks (pictured) run about $2.