Lockless Monster

It happens every year. Some tailgater doesn’t want their little charcoal grill to get stolen while they go inside for the game. They place it underneath their car in hopes that a casual thief will not look under there and steal it. Meanwhile, the charcoal is not quite burned out and now we have a car fire.

USA Today: Tailgate party fire destroys three vehicles outside Oakland Athletics game

What if there was a way to lock up that grill and other tailgating gear without having to hassle with padlock keys or remembering a confusing combination. There is and it is called the Lockless Monster.

We had the chance to test out and review the Lockless Monster at a recent tailgate.

YouTube video

As you can see in the video, the Lockless Monster prevents casual thieves from taking your gear. It prevents a crime of opportunity where the criminal wasn’t planning on stealing something but now that the situation appears to be easy and inviting, the crime is committed. The Lockless Monster will not prevent premeditated crimes that require tools or cutting devices. The Lockless Monster will deter the casual thief from stealing something sitting out unattended.

The Lockless Monster comes in two different lengths, nine foot and 16 foot. If you have a lot of gear that you would like to secure, we would recommend the longer length. This way you can loop your grill, propane tank, generator, etc. using the Lockless Monster and have peace of mind that casual thieves will not make off with your tailgating gear while you are away.

After testing out and using the Lockless Monster while tailgating it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The Lockless Monster is made in the USA and is manufactured and offered for sale by Pivot Point Incorporated, a manufacturer of Industrial Fasteners and Steel Cable Solutions and Amazon.

If you would like to purchase the Lockless Monster and are an Amazon Prime member, you can save on shipping. If not an Amazon Prime member, the shipping costs by buying direct from Pivot Point will be more affordable. The Lockless Monster is the same price on both Amazon or Pivot Point.

9 foot Lockless Monster on Amazon – $13.99
9 foot Lockless Monster on Pivot Point – $13.99
16 foot Lockless Monster on Amazon – $17.99
16 foot Lockless Monster on Pivot Point – $17.99