WWJT – What Would Jesus Tailgate?

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Now before everyone jumps to conclusions after reading that headline, I have not become a born again Christian. You will continue to see product reviews on beer drinking games, attractive young women in the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper and the occasional funny video of drunk people falling down while tailgating. However, thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, I was inspired to come up with a blog post out of the norm.

I got an alert that informed me that JesusBibleStudy was following my updates on twitter. I found it odd because I rarely talk religion on TailgatingIdeas.com but no big deal. In an attempt to be funny I tweeted

“Just saw @JesusBibleStudy is following me. Wonder how many beer bong videos it takes (http://bit.ly/BMI0n) before they unfollow me?”

They came back with

“@TailgatingIdeas – I love a good tailgater b4 a great game”

to which I replied

“RT @JesusBibleStudy: I love a good tailgater b4 a great game | WWJT – What Would Jesus Tailgate?”

This then sparked @JesusBibleStudy to file a number of tweets stating the case that if Jesus was on Earth today He would in fact be a tailgater.

You are probably very familiar with the abbreviation WWJD which stands for What Would Jesus Do. It’s a personal motto for thousands of Christians who used the phrase as a reminder of their belief that Jesus is the example to be followed in daily life, and to act in a manner of which Jesus would approve. With this in mind, why not take it a step further and ask WWJT – What Would Jesus Tailgate?

I will not pretend to be a Biblical scholar or an expert on the Bible but I do have some thoughts on whether Jesus would be a tailgater. Honestly, I think Jesus would tailgate. Now the question of where He would tailgate would raise a few eyebrows, I am sure.

The most obvious place Jesus would tailgate would be Notre Dame. How could He not tailgate in the shadow of the Theodore Martin Hesburgh Library with a huge mural on the side commonly known as “Touchdown Jesus”? Or would He be a BYU tailgater? After all, Brigham Young University is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Or would He tailgate some of the traditional religious schools like Baylor, Texas Christian or Southern Methodist University? Or would He not even tailgate any of the religious colleges and universities but tailgate a more traditional football powerhouse like USC, Oklahoma or Florida? Decisions, decisions.

Now that we have established Jesus would in fact be a tailgater, what kind of a tailgater would He be. Certainly He wouldn’t be classified as one of the The 14 Tailgaters Who Annoy the Crap Out of You. I would imagine He would be the guy everyone wants at their tailgate party. Think about it. No more hitting the liquor store on your way to the game. Bring a few extra water bottles if Jesus is tailgating next to you. After all, wasn’t Jesus’ first miracle turning water into wine? I am sure you might be able to convince Him to turn a few bottled waters into beer as well. Also, since Jesus was known as a great healer, you could leave the First Aid kit at home leaving more room in your car for a bigger beer cooler. Burned your finger on the grill while flipping burgers? I am sure Jesus could handle that. I am sure He would be able to handle the symptoms of that nasty hangover you’ve all experienced after a long day of tailgating. And because Jesus is omnipotent, He will already know the outcome of the score of the game. That could pay huge dividends if you brought your cell phone and can get a bet into your bookie before kick-off.

The only bummer about tailgating with Jesus would be playing tailgating games against him. The man can walk on water… do you really think He is going to miss when playing cornhole or beer pong? And even if you did win a game against Jesus , you couldn’t enjoy it. You would know He was sandbagging and the only reason why you won is because He let you win.

Now I am sure I going to get my fair share of hate mail and nasty comments regarding this but keep in mind this was all in fun. Nevertheless I am sure some people who take their faith and religion just a little too seriously will get fired up about this and claim it is offensive. So fire away people and just ask yourself, What Would Jesus Tailgate?

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