Weekend Wrap #68: Tailgate Envy Edition

news_wrap.jpgMost people in the general public have heard of the famous Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. You know the guy as the man who developed such psychoanalysis like the Oedipus complex and penis envy. Well, I will have to admit, but I suffer from a different yet similar psychosis. I call it Tailgate Envy.

Tailgate Envy can be a debilitating and crippling psychotic phenomenon where one desires to be tailgating all the time and envies those that are tailgating when you can not. My most chronic case of Tailgate Envy occurs right around this time of year during the College World Series. I was fortunate to have attended the 2007 College World Series in Omaha so when I am not there I know exactly, first hand, what I am missing. It was such a great time I even made it a must stop location on my Bucket List For Tailgaters. We were told by the locals and the those that have attended numerous College World Series that when either LSU or Texas makes it to Omaha, the parking lot tailgate is covered in plumes of BBQ smoke. We were told the smells of grilled and smoked meats and the other foods prepared in the Rosenblatt Stadium parking lot are unmatched. So this year I am not in Omaha and of course it is the year that both LSU and Texas are at the College World Series.

So how does this help my severe case of Tailgate Envy? It doesn’t help it. It worsens it. And with each game I watch on ESPN I am hoping for a glimpse of the tailgating action going on outside the stadium. I am like a geeky, lovestruck pre-teen that has a crush on the most popular girl in the school yet i know she will never go out with me. Peeking around the corner down the hall from her locker hoping to catch a glimpse of her before she heads off to Social Studies class. The geek knows he can not have her but can’t help get a daily dose of starring at her. That is me with the College World Series this year. So if anyone from ESPN is reading this, please, I am begging you. More shots of people tailgating at the College World Series.

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