SkinIt Tailgate Packs Show Your Car’s Support For Your Team

We as tailgaters and sports fans love to show our love, support and devotion to our sports teams. Car window flags are quite popular and even the SportMast lets you fly a full sized team flag from your 2″ tow hitch at full highway speeds. Now the folks at SkinIt have come out with Skinit Tailgate Packs. These are high quality decals that allows you to show your team spirit by personalizing your vehicle with your favorite team’s logo, colors and mascot. These specialty decals are made from a high-quality 3M vinyl material with a patented adhesive for residue-free removal and air-bubble-free application. You won’t have to worry about ruining your car’s paint job or any leftover sticky residue either. Check out their TV commercial that has been running on NFL Network and ESPN the past few weeks.


(Those with a keen eye probably noticed that the tailgating truck the girls were using was The Carnivore.)

The Skinit Tailgate Packs come in three different sizes ranging from a small pack which comes on a 49” x 25” sheet, medium pack at 49” x 55” and a large pack at 49” x 105”. Small packs are suggested for use on a smaller car like a sedan, medium sized packs are for trucks and SUVs and large packs are designed for RVs and campers. A small Skinit Tailgate Pack will run you $49.95, medium $99.95 and large $149.95. If you choose to get a Skinit Tailgate Pack there are some do’s and don’ts on applying them properly.

It’s recommended you apply the decals on a clean surface, preferably a car that has been recently washed. Take your time when applying your team logo skin and make sure to use a flat surface tool, like a credit card, in order to squeeze out all the air bubbles from underneath. The skins are easily removed and will not scratch or leave a residue behind. You may peel them off and reuse them again however, once removed, the decal may not adhere quite as well as the first time. So unless you are planning on driving around showing your team colors all season long, make sure to properly store the skins once they have been applied the first time.

Skinit Tailgate Packs currently come in team colors and logos of the NFL and NCAA colleges and universities. All 32 NFL teams are available and over 95 NCAA teams are represented. I was amazed to see that my beloved Cal State Fullerton Titans were included on the list of NCAA schools. A university that does not currently field a football team is rarely included when it comes to officially licensed materials that demonstrate school spirit. More than likely if you are tailgating an NCAA sport, Skinit Tailgate Packs will have your school.

For a limited time, you can get a Skinit coupon for a  free small device skin with every Tailgate Packs order. Now you can customize and match your cell phone, MP3 player or other device skins to your vehicle theme. Tailgaters can select a matching skin with a team’s logo to express team pride, choose from a variety of other designs or upload an image to create personalized custom designs.

To order your own Skinit Tailgate Pack or to see if they have your school available, go to

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