Weekend Wrap #72: Weight Loss Competition Edition

news_wrap.jpgRight off the bat, all apologies for missing the Weekend Wrap last week. I was gone all weekend attending my 20 year high school reunion and was not up to it on Sunday evening. It was not because I was hung over. (I was using the Zaca Organic Hangover Patches which work like a dream) It  happened to be a combination of having two small kids, not being around for the past 48 hours and family duties taking precedence. So with that said, I need your help in settling a dilemma I have.

My wife and I have been wanting to lose weight. The only thing preventing us has been major motivation. We all know that weight loss regimens work the best when there is a motivating factor like getting in shape for a wedding, trying to catch the attention of the opposite sex, etc. So in an effort to keep us on track and focused I have suggested we wager something. Most wagers are usually monetary in nature but because we are married money is not really a motivating factor. Are we going to go to the ATM and pull out money from our joint banking account and hand it over to the winner? That’s lame. So that is where you will come in and hopefully provide great ideas for the winner to reap.

This weight loss competition will start on Monday, July 20, 2009 and a winner will be determined on Jan. 1, 2010. Over the next five months the winner will be determined based on percentage of weight lost, not just total pounds.  That way it is more fair and balanced. I was thinking that if my wife wins, she could treat herself to an entire day at the spa getting her nails done, foot massages, sea weed wraps and whatever else you ladies do at the spa all day. If I win, I would suggest an all-day boozefest extravaganza at my favorite bar, Mutt Lynch’s in Newport Beach. No matter who wins, the loser would be on the hook for looking after our two kids while the winner gets pampered or hammered for a whole day. And if you think about it, the “loser” actually wins by getting a spouse who is back in shape again.

Got any ideas that can are better than these proposed payouts? Leave a comment at the base of this post if you think you can beat my suggestions. Try to keep it clean folks.

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