Weekend Wrap #50: Recruiting Class Edition

news_wrap.jpgSo this past week was National Letter of Intent signing day. That’s when all the high school punks who think they have a legitimate shot at going to the NFL make their choice of school known to the world. The fact that high school kids are holding drama filled press conferences and putting on the ball cap of the school of their choice like they are choosing a door on the set of “Let’s Make a Deal”is getting a bit ridiculous. Seriously, don’t you think these guys who have been rolling up on high school competition all their lives treating signing a piece of paper as if they are signing the Potsdam Declaration has jumped the shark?

Also, all these rankings on which school got the best recruiting class is a bunch of crap in my opinion. Honestly the real proof on who landed the best recruiting class comes out three to four years after the recruits have signed. You’ll know it when you turn on your TV and find out who is playing for the BCS national championship. So I am declaring that Florida had the best recruiting class three years ago seeing how they won the BCS championship this year. All this other speculation on who won recruiting day is basically for the fans of their team to make themselves feel better before spring football starts.

Enough rambling, how about some links?