Need Spring Cleaning Tailgating Ideas for Tailgater Monthly Article

Tailgater Monthly Logo Over the past year I have been a regular contributor to Tailgater Monthly authoring articles on what else… tailgating. In the past I have asked for help to interview tailgaters for upcoming articles and to gain insight from you out there in the lots. This time I am going to ask for YOUR tailgating ideas. As we all know, two heads are better than one. So the insight and experiences of you the tailgaters that you can share with me will help the rest of us tailgaters get better at what we do.

The next article for Tailgater Monthly will be on spring cleaning your tailgate gear so it is ready come football season. Although the Super Bowl just concluded a few weeks ago it is never too early to start considering what you will need to do for next year. I have plenty of information on tuning up your grill so it will be in tip top shape come football season. What I would like to know from you all is other techniques you utilize when making sure your gear will be ready to go come kick-off. Are there winterizing techniques you use compared to if you live in a warmer climate where freezing temperatures are not an issue? Any special products you use in order to get your gear back in shape? Do you break out the gear and do a “dry run” during baseball season to make sure everything is working okay?

Feel free to leave a comment below with your tips on what you do. Or if you are shy and don’t feel like leaving a comment, email me your tailgating ideas at: dave [at] tailgatingideas dot com.