Va Tech Tailgating Grill

The calendar just turned to May but it does not mean we can’t start preparing for football season now. It warms my heart to no end knowing that tailgaters out there are gearing up for the upcoming season by getting their gear ready this early. I personally will be doing a little tailgating this Saturday prior to the Cal State Fullerton vs. UC Riverside college baseball game to prep for the coming football season.

I received this email earlier today from one of our readers along with a picture attached. Lo and behold it is a picture of a Margaritaville Tailgating Grill painted up and customized to Virginia Tech colors. Reader Wayne writes:

“Got the idea from your site for customizing the grill, thought I would send along a picture of the finished product. I was in the middle of customizing it when I saw [a] fellow Hokie send in their picture, so I decided to one up them and paint the pipe as well. Keep up the good work and GO HOKIES!”

– Wayne

Virginia Tech Tailgating Grill

Not only do we have fans from different teams competing against each other for who can customize their grill the best, we have fans from within the same fan base wanting their creation to be the best. I love it.

Although Wayne painted and customized his grill by himself, if you are too lazy or too busy to DIY one, we can do it for you. Just email us via our Contact Us page and tell us your team, what colors you would like where and your zip code to estimate shipping costs. Once we have gathered that info we can provide you with a price quote. Keep in mind, NFL pre-season games start in early to mid-August so there really isn’t a lot of time to procrastinate before the football season starts.

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