Bubba Keg Seeking To Find World’s Greatest Tailgaters

Bubba Keg Grill We told you about the Bubba Keg Grill back in April and as you know we were quite impressed with its performance. Now with football season rapidly approaching, Bubba Keg has announced the formation of The Bubba U. Competitive Tailgating Series.

The Bubba U. Competitive Tailgating Series will pit 30 teams of college football tailgating pros against one another for the title “Masters of the Parking Lot”. The Bubba Keg staff will be selecting 30 “professional” tailgate teams to compete in their Bubba U. Competitive Tailgating Series (BCTS). One winning team will receive an all expenses paid trip to the National Championship Game in Pasadena, Calif. To start the season, each team will be outfitted with a complete Bubba Keg professional tailgaters’ package valued at over $1500. The kit includes a Bubba Keg Convection Grill, a Bubba Keg Professional Tailgater Pop-Up Tent (10′ x10′), full selection of Bubba Keg mugs & coolers, Flip Digital Video Camera to document their exploits along with official Bubba U. Professional Tailgater shirts.

The BCTS Selection Committee will be accepting applications from now through August 21, 2009. Candidates should e-mail their qualifications to bcts@bubbakeg.com or apply online at bubbakeg.com/bcts. The Committee will select 30 teams based on the following criteria:

  • Describe in 100 words or less why you (or someone you know) is the ultimate tailgater for your school.
  • Photos and videos of your tailgate or similar activities, while not required, are strongly encouraged.
  • Open to tailgaters at any NCAA Division 1 school.
  • Must tailgate at least once per month during the 2009 season.

Unlike other college football rankings, the BCTS ranking system is purely democratic. Each month during college football season, the 30 teams will be required to submit official BCTS tailgating reports. This will include photos, videos and any relevant documentation of their tailgating activities (recipes, newspaper articles, police reports, etc.). Each report will be posted to BubbaKeg.com and voted on by the Bubba Keg community. At the end of the season, the team with the most votes will be headed to Pasadena. It’s as simple as that.

Good luck to those selected to compete.