Tailgate Like a Pro with the Pre-Game Tailgating Trailer

pregame_tailgating_trailer.jpg You want to take your tailgating gear to the next level but you don’t have 100 grand to buy a diesel pusher? You could go out and find yourself a beater of an old school bus and fix it up but you still would have to stand in line for the port-o-johns. There’s got to be a better way to tailgate like a pro without breaking the bank. Behold the How The Pros Play Pre-Game Trailer.

Next time you go tailgating and you roll up with one of these bad boys behind your vehicle, everyone in the lot will know you mean business. This thing has everything a tailgater would ever want or need. The standard model comes complete with a 27” LCD TV hooked up to a satellite dish, an amplifier and a CD/DVD player, a 1500 Watt Generator that powers real AC electrical outlets, a gas grill, a sink with electric water pump and a 42” X 60” side opening concession door. Oh yeah, did I mention it also has its own toilet with exterior holding tank? When I learned of that feature I thought you could park close to the port-o-potties and charge people per use of your own. By the time football season is over the Pre-Game Trailer could pay for itself using that technique.

pregame_trailer_inside.jpgThe beauty of the Pre-Game Trailer is that it is customizable to fit your tailgating needs. Are you the biggest Ohio State Football tailgater in the Big Ten? How about being the most die-hard Baltimore Ravens tailgater in the NFL? Make sure to prove it to everyone on your way to the game, at the game and after the game. You can have your Pre-Game Trailer customized complete with your team’s logo and even Rhino Flooring in your choice of 19 colors. How’s that for being the envy of the rest of the tailgating parking lot?

A How The Pros Play Pre-Game Trailer also solves another problem that occurs away from the arena. Storing all your grills, coolers, chairs, tables, radios, tailgating games, portable shade tents and anything else your bring with you tailgating can be a real hassle. Loading and unloading all that tailgating gear is one of my least favorite things to do. A Pre-Game Trailer eliminates all the packing and unpacking of gear. Once you are ready to go inside for the game or concert, you are already packing up your gear anyway. The Pre-Game Trailer makes it so easy that you are already packed for the next tailgate party as soon as your most recent one ends. All you need to do is have a place to park it and you can now free up some valuable storage space in your garage or basement for yet another of your wife’s lame craft projects. (Sorry girls but a lace doily with glitter and puffy paint just doesn’t do it for us.)

To check out more photos of the Pre-Game Trailer take a peek at their online photo gallery. (Don’t worry, the guy sitting on the toilet isn’t doing anything to gross you out.) Ready to get your own Pre-Game Trailer from How The Pros Play? Simply visit their website, HowTheProsPlay.com or email Jon for a quote. As always, make sure to mention you read about the Pre-Game Tailgating Trailer on TailgatingIdeas.com.