Bring On The Promotion

We (or at least I do) are always complaining about our jobs.  To me the complaining is warranted otherwise they wouldn’t call work, work.

So you are probably thinking to yourself, yeah, yeah, works sucks but what does it have to do with tailgating.  Well…did you ever stop and think about how tailgating and your job mix?  And not only mix, but mix in perfect harmony to the level of tailgating leading to a promotion at work?

Yep, I am thinking a top 10 list…

How Tailgating Can Get You Promoted:

  1. Searching the web for new grilling recipes and your boss can’t see your computer screen.  Your intense, dedicated look gives the impression that you are seriously in to your work.
  2. Timelines apply to the work project and to the grill.  If you can nail the timing to cook the perfect steak you can easily conquer any project timeline that work throws at you.
  3. A project budget at work is a joke compared to effort that is required to score lower level seats with an empty wallet.  But come game day you are right there, lower level.
  4. You wanna catch the eye of that eye candy at the neighboring tailgate?  Well you better have your A+ talking and social skills.  The effort to get those digits makes breaking bad news to that pain-in-the-ass Client a joke.
  5. Getting rejected by the eye candy makes it cake to take that awful job appraisal in stride.
  6. Your piece of junk ride is well a piece of junk.  Covering your ride in your home team’s colors and mascots makes your ride the envy of the lot.  Put those same skills to work on the work assignment you half-assed at the last minute and we are talking promotion.
  7. You took all your cash and bet the underdog.  No surprise, the underdog lost.  Hello overtime at work.  Hello giving others the impression that you are dedicated and love your job.
  8. You suck at corn hole, but when you buddy isn’t looking you add some extra points to your score.  I hear there is an opening in the accounting department for people like you.
  9. You wondered how you were going to look busy at work this afternoon.  You then remembered that you write for a tailgating site.
  10. You are a tailgater.  You are now the Boss…have someone else write point #10!