Wanted: Women Tailgaters That Can Write

Woman angry at laptop Since opening TailgatingIdeas.com in 2007, we have tried to be fair and balanced when it comes to our approach to all things tailgating. In an effort to eliminate bias, we have sought out contributors who hail from all parts of the United States. We have east coast writers and contributors, west coast writers and contributors and we recently added Foster Flint who comes from the middle of the country. The diversity aspect we are lacking is one thing… women.

We all know that women are going tailgating more and more these days.  It’s not just the “old boys club” when it comes to tailgating. And women have a different perspective on what makes a successful tailgate. Over the course of my tailgating experiences I have encountered many women tailgaters who have just as many good tailgating ideas as the men. With that said, we would like to take this opportunity to invite some of our fellow female tailgaters to head to their keyboards and become a member of the TailgatingIdeas.com team of contributors.

So if you are a female and looking to voice your opinion on tailgating, contact us and let us know you are interested.