Garpepano Spice

At every Houston Astros home game the Taco Bell Hot Sauce Race brings fans to their feet.  Fire Sauce, Hot Sauce and Mild Sauce sprint around the edge of the field in foul ball territory to determine a winner.


So far this year only Hot Sauce and Fire Sauce have been in the winner’s circle.  Mild Sauce remains winless and as the lovable loser.

Garpepano Pizza Spice A product I recently reviewed, because of its surprisingly spicy characteristics, lands in the winner’s circle as well.

We took Garpepano Spice–marketed as a great at home tailgating spice for everyone’s favorite tailgating food, PIZZA—to task during a recent poolside party.

Guests from San Antonio, where they like their hot sauce spicy and their salsa on fire, helped us test the product.  I’ve traveled to the east coast on many occasions and the food tends to be less spicy than what I’ve found in Texas (think salsa) and New Orleans (think Cajun).  During our testing we were pleasantly surprised to discover that this Baltimore-based company developed a product with some serious kick.

The spice didn’t quite start the eyes to watering or noses to running, but it definitely had pop.  As the flavor settled through, it didn’t feel too heavy and it brought out the Italian flavors in the pizza via the mix of herbs and cheeses found in the spice.

For comparative purposes, we put Garpepano up against the Papa John’s spice that comes standard with your pizza order.  The Papa John’s mix delivered an extremely salty experience.  Upon further inspection, and as one might expect, sodium happened to be the leading ingredient in the Papa John’s mix.  By comparison the more complex Garpepano Spice delivered a much better taste experience.

For details about the spice v isit their official website at:

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