Welcome Our Newest Contributor: Foster Flint

Foster Flint Despite it being the “tailgating offseason” we managed to bring on another writer and contributor to the TailgatingIdeas.com family. With the exception of Mike “the Beer Guy” and myself, all of our contributors have come from east of the Mississippi. Both Chris Klinkner and Rob Smyth hail from Philly, Nick Jancaitis is from Virginia, our resident cartoonist Jerry King is from Ohio and Brandon Gunning lives in North Carolina. So when you hear the term “east coast bias” it was not just a theory when it came to our writers and contributors.

We are happy to welcome into the fray Foster Flint. He’s in Texas and although that is not 100% west coast he brings some balance to our coverage of tailgating. Foster did a few guest posts a few months back and decided to come on as a regular writer and contributor. To learn more about him, check out this brief bio.

Foster Flint tailgates in Texas where everything is bigger. He’s a season ticket holder and 12th Man Member for the Texas A&M University Aggies in College Station, just over an hour outside of Houston. Now in his sixth season of tailgating, his tailgate crew continues to grow from the early days of lawn chairs and coolers to the current state of satellite TVs, tailgating games and carefully considered meals.

As a passionate college football fan, he and his wife love planning and participating in tailgating. Over the last several years he’s received great ideas from Dave and the TailgatingIdeas.com team. He is now part of the team and will be dishing tailgating advice and anecdotes acquired from countless hours in the parking lots. In the coming years he’s looking to share his Texas sized insight from just outside Kyle Field.

Welcome aboard Foster. You can read posts written by Foster HERE.