I won a Flip Video Ultra!

I few days ago I blogged about wanting to win The Mother of all Beer Blogging Contests. Well, apparently one of my tickets was pulled out of the hat and this is what I won.

Yup, that would be the grand prize of a Flip Video Ultra courtesy of Blog About Beer and Market Leverage. Not sure what color version I won but then again, who cares. I just won a free video camera! Here is the email I received tonight.

Your dreams have come true, my man! You’ve won the grand prize of the Flip Video Ultra from MarketLeverage! I just need your mailing address so I can tell ML where to send the camera. So yeah, let me know. Thanks for reading and again – congrats!


Now that I have a new video camera coming my way, be sure to keep your eyes open for even more product reviews and demos on YouTube. Despite a new video camera it probably won’t help my propensity for creating outtakes like the ones seen at the end of this video.