Video: Dead Tree Crew Documentary

By now you are probably familiar with the Dead Tree Crew, the hard partying, rabid fans of the Washington Redskins. They had a film crew come out for the first tailgate of the 2008 season and put it up on YouTube. It’s a new season and new NFL code of conduct but the DTC still demonstrates that they still abide by their motto of “Go Hard or Go Home”


The film was shot and produced by Josh Sautter. Sautter is an American University Film student who is making a documentary on tailgating at FedEx Field and follows the DTC to each and every game. The final flim will be about everything Redskins tailgating, not just the activities of the Dead Tree Crew. Since the DTC allows Josh full access for every game he is also putting together highlight reels from each game. In the coming weeks more videos are coming with interviews with Michael Wilbon, Dan Steinberg, Clinton Portis and Steven A Smith, all being asked about the DTC.