Tray Cozy

Aluminum pans are quite commonplace in the tailgating parking lots. Transporting them without burning yourself, keeping the contents hot/cold or keeping the contents from spilling while in transit to your tailgate has always been a challenge. Sure, you can put aluminum foil over the top of the pan but that is not a great solution.

We recently discovered the Tray Cozy. Simply explained, the Tray Cozy is a dish-washer safe melamine dish and snug fitting plastic lid. It is designed to avoid spills during transportation of your tailgating food in aluminum pans. In addition to keeping the food from spilling, the lid helps keep foods hot or cold. In addition to those features, the Tray Cozy allows you to place a hot pan in it and then pick it up without having to use pot holders or oven mitts.

Some might look at the Tray Cozy and think, “Why not just place your pan in a glass casserole dish and it serves the same purpose?” (To be honest, I thought that myself when I first encountered the Tray Cozy.) After receiving a sample of the Tray Cozy I realized that the Tray Cozy is a much better solution.

Many regular readers of this tailgating blog know we tailgate at San Diego Chargers games. Qualcomm Stadium has a strict “no glass” policy and the police issue tickets with stiff fines attached to them if they catch you using anything with glass. Placing your aluminum pan in a glass casserole dish could earn you a big ticket in those parking lots with glass bans. The Tray Cozy eliminates that risk and makes it a lot easier to transport your food to your tailgate party.

Another fun thing you can do with the Tray Cozy is you can customize it to your favorite team. Stickers or decals of your favorite team can be easily applied and now even your transportation of your food can be in the spirit of your team.

The Tray Cozy Original fits 1/2 chafing dish size aluminum trays and costs $24.99. Colors options include white, green and red. To purchase a Tray Cozy for your next tailgate or for the tailgater on your holiday gift giving list, visit: