Tray ‘N Stay Looking To Get Off The Ground

The power and reach of the Internet never ceases to amaze me. A comment that was left on my Tailgate Approved posting a few weeks ago prompted me to contact the commenter. Turns out she is a gal from Florida that has a concept for a cooler that would be great for tailgating. Basically it provides a built-in tray as part of the cooler while still allowing you access to the lid and contents of the cooler. She is calling it the “Tray ‘n Stay” and she sent me a few photos of her prototype.


As of right now she is looking for potential investors and business partners to take this concept and bring it into production and eventually to marketplace. So as it stands right now you can’t get one of these because they are only in the beginning stages of development. And if you are thinking of stealing her idea, you can forget about that. She already has a patent secured and you can view the details of her patent HERE. Take a look at a few more photos:


So if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this investment opportunity, feel free to contact Ronda Kaplan at: