The World of KanJam

Last night I was at the Phillies game.  The game was great and the fireworks after the game brought back VERY happy memories of the past July 4th weekend.  And, as always, the tailgate was great.  But the tailgate was great for a different reason this time.

Last night I went to the game with a small group of people from work and a few of their friends.  New tailgaters means new food and drinks and in the case of last night, a new tailgating game (well it was new to this tailgater and I didn’t see a previous post from Dave on it!).

The game I am talking about is KanJam.  In all, I would say the game isn’t any more exciting or fun than Ladderball or Tailgate Toss, but it was new and different so it’s a winner in this tailgater’s book.  And the idea of KanJam is so simple that, like all good, new ideas, I wish I would of come up with the game.

The pieces to the game are a flying disc and two portable goals (a.k.a. things that look like small trashcans).  Like most tailgate games the game is played as two teams of two.  Each team takes turns throwing the flying disc trying to get the disc into the portable goal until one of the teams reaches a score of twenty-one.  A team can score points by deflecting the flying disc into the top of the goal or directly into the slot on the front of the goal .  Points can also be scored by the the thrower of the disc throwing the disc directly into to the goal or slot on in the front of the goal.

There is a good “how to play” video on the KanJam website located here.  You can also purchase the game directly from the website or if you spend a few extra minutes on the Internet you can find the game discounted on Amazon.

In all the game was good, but not great.  As with any game that involves a Frisbee there is a lot of running around when your partner has a wild throw.  And once you starting drinking and your coordination lessens, there can be occasional pain when the disc hits you the wrong way on your body as you attempt a deflection.

But again,  it’s something new, the games leads to a few good laughs as you foolishly try to make deflections, and you don’t have to worry about any broken car windows or car dents from a wild throw.  As an added bonus, if you become really good you can enter KanJam leagues and tournaments to win prizes and some cash (just check out the website).

Out of 5 stars, this tailgater gives the KanJam 3 stars!