Del Monte Hosting Ultimate Tailgate Fan Video Contest

Here is another contest aimed at tailgaters where you can win some prizes. This time it is Del Monte using Flat Screen HDTVs and gift certificates to the CBS Sports Store as prizes to get you to film your tailgate using their fruits and veggies.

Sounds simple enough. Film yourself and others pimping their fruits and vegetables (make sure they can see the labels people) while tailgating and see if you win. Ultimate Fan tailgate videos must be submitted by Nov. 21 at midnight. For complete rules please visit In addition to offering up some prizes, Del Monte also provided some tailgating tips on food preparation and healthier alternatives. They are:

  • Prepare all salads ahead of time – mix the lettuce and dry components together the night before and just add dressing on game day.
  • Mix salsas the night before to reduce prep time and enhance flavor.
  • Serve traditional tailgate favorites such as hamburgers with more interesting (and healthier) toppings such as Hass avocado slices, tomato salsa or delicious grilled pineapple.
  • To satisfy a sweet tooth, serve a great fruit salad or fruit pizza.