Being Young Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Readers of this blog don’t need another reason on why NFL tailgating is better than MLB tailgating, but knowledge is power so here is yet another reason for you.  The reason…NFL tickets are more expensive than MLB tickets.

Have I lost my mind?  More expensive tickets means better tailgating?  Dishing out the remaining cash that Big Oil hasn’t yet taken from us is a good thing?  Maybe, Yes, and Yes.  Just please hear me out…

I think it is because I am getting older that I am finally seeing the obvious.  MLB tailgating brings out a younger crowd.  A younger crowd translates to more crowded parking lots.  A younger crowd means a lot of empty, cheap-ass beer cans throughout the parking lot.  A younger crowd means more folks concerned only about getting wasted.  A tailgate of good food, good drinks and the anticipation of a good game is secondary or in most cases non-existent.

I have gone to a handful of Phillies games this season.  Before each game I am, of course, tailgating.  Unfortunately the tailgating experience is being ruined by obnoxious young adults who are drunk, blasting crap music from their car stereos , yelling they are the beer pong champ, and / or fighting with their significant others!  And why are these young folks tailgating? Because, why not?  MLB tickets can be had for as little as 10-15 bucks.  It’s a cheap evening out.  You can binge drink without any repercussions.  And if my eyes aren’t deceiving me, you can even drink if you aren’t 21.

NFL games require extra cash for a tailgater.  Inexpensive tickets will still run you at least 60-70 bucks.  The more expensive tickets keep the young tailgaters away.  Without the young crowds the tailgates are true tailgates.  Folks are enjoying good beer, good food, tunes that can be heard by only their tailgating group, and a drama free afternoon or evening.

So I guess in the end this post is just another reason why we need the NFL lockout to end, and end soon.  We need a return to the true tailgate.  Where the most important thing isn’t about how fast you down a case of Natural Ice!