One Game You Need to Win

Image via Flickr

You would be wise to win this game of Beer Pong.

Friday night and we are enjoying some beers, steaks, and cigars before heading in to the ball park. The tailgate next to us is playing what appears to be your typical game of Beer Pong.


This group of tailgaters plays their Beer Pong tournament style. There are teams of 2, with 4 teams playing. If you lose two games you are out. Yeah it sucks to lose but in the end you had a good time. The key word there is HAD.

It turns out the winner of the tournament not only gets bragging rights but also gets to decide which of their friends will be wearing the opposing teams’ t-shirt and/or cap into the stadium.

When planning their tailgates this group not only collects money for food and drinks but also money to purchase the gear of the opposition that is playing that day. I love this idea.

The unlucky, choosen one has to wear the opposing colors into the stadium…and yes, for the whole game.

On this night the loser may have gotten off a bit easy as the Phillies were playing the Padres. But even with a non-rival such as the Padres the guy is going to get heckled inside a Philadelphia stadium.

It turns out these tailgaters are also season ticket holders to the Eagles. I cringe thinking about the unlikely tailgater that is forced to go inside the Linc wearing a Cowboys or Giants shirt! Beer…dump…head!

So if you are looking for a twist to your Beer Pong game this “opposing team” idea is it (in whatever city you call home). If you are lucky you will have already chugged too many beers to realize the misery that awaits you when you enter the stadium!