Ref You Suck! T-Shirts Express How You Really Feel

We as tailgaters and more importantly, we as sports fans, can all agree on one thing. Whether you are a fan of the Yankees or Red Sox, Duke or North Carolina or Texas and Oklahoma, we all hate it when the referee blows a call that goes against our team. The bad calls might not be as blatant or as famous as Ed Hochuli screwing the San Diego Chargers in 2008 or Don Denkinger calling Jorge Orta safe in the 1985 World series, but we all agree our team has been screwed by the refs before. So now that we all can find some common ground, there is a unique T-shirt that will have fans of both teams giving you the thumbs up and high fives while tailgating. It is Ref You Suck! Gamewear and Apparel.


The chant, “Hey, Ref you Suck!” is rather prominent in the NHL and college hockey worlds. Go to any Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals or Anaheim Ducks game and you will hear this yelled quite often. Don’t believe me? Then check out this video taken at a Philadelphia Flyers game.


Now that you know 17,000 fans can agree with you, imagine showing up to a tailgate with this exact sentiment splashed across your shirt. Ref You Suck! shirts are a high quality, 6.1 oz., pre-shrunk 100% cotton shirts that come in different options. All four of the major sports have their own Ref You Suck! image. The football ref is wearing the ref’s ball cap, the hockey ref is wearing a helmet and the basketball ref has no head gear. The baseball umpire has the behind home plate protective mask on and that shirt says “Ump you Suck!”. All shirts with the images of officials are printed on a black shirt and the image and lettering is in white. They do offer one in bright orange (so that the ref can spot you in the stands) and just says “Ref You Suck!” across the chest with no image of a referee. Simple, yes, but effectively gets your point across.

All shirts from Ref You Suck! range in price depending on sizing. Classic youth shirts cost $9.99 while the orange shirt is $14.99. The basketball, football, hockey and baseball shirts are all priced at $19.99. Available sizes range from Small to XL. Classic Flex Fit ball caps and knit beanie caps with “Ref You Suck!” printed on them are also available. The beanies will run you $14.99 and unfortunately at this time they are all sold out of the Flex Fit caps. (See, I told you these things were popular.)

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